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"Tale of the Accidental Voice Actor"​​

The whole thing was quite accidental really. 

Well, at first anyway.  Later, it was completely and totally 100% on purpose. 


It all started a few decades back when, fresh with a college degree in Broadcast Journalism, he started his career writing, producing and directing informational documentaries, later migrating into commercials, then corporate production and finally back around again to documentaries.  

Throughout this circuitous route it was a common practice to record his own voice on a “scratch track” as a temporary holding place, until the real professional would waltz in to perform the final track. 

After years of answering the question ”who’s your narrator?”  invariably asked by clients and colleagues when referring to his "scratch track,"  he decided maybe it was time to see (or hear) if he could really do this himself professionally.

So, just few short years ago, he took the plunge and voila the Accidental Voice Actor  is now quite intentionally voicing commercials, corporate videos, documentaries and everything in between.      The End.

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